2901 Endowment Fund

As part of our strategic plan, the Finance & Governance committee has come to recognize that there is a need for long-term investments to fund our different endeavors. As a result, GFWC Tampa Woman's Club is establishing the 2901 Endowment Fund. This fund will help support our organization’s home in perpetuity.  


Our group currently uses our clubhouse for our club meetings, fundraisers and community service opportunities. We also invite the community to rent it for weddings, celebrations and meetings. This is helpful in defraying some of the daily costs of maintaining the clubhouse. It is our hope that by building an endowment fund, it will provide the support that a 52-year old building requires. There are several things that can be improved upon to help with the care of our beautiful building. The goal is also to help preserve the beauty of the Bayshore and maintain the quaint feel of the iconic Bayshore Boulevard, which is slowly being erased. We are fighting to keep our beautiful property from becoming another casualty.

The 2901 Endowment Fund is being supported by our members and we have begun reaching out to the community. It is our hope that this endowment fund will help preserve our clubhouse for our members charitable activities and in turn preserve the quaintness of the unique Bayshore Boulevard. 

Please consider making your tax-deductible donation to the 2901 Endowment Fund, we have provided six different levels where your donation can make an impact.  We will host our sponsors names on our webpage with their permission. With consecutive donations, you will move to a different level with the coordinating donation.

We thank you in advance for considering the endowment fund as a place to make a lasting difference with your treasure.


 $1 - $125

Loyalty members are the beginning foundation of our endowment fund.  This level makes sure that every donation will have a growing impact.


 $126 - $500

The Minaret Level is representative of the University of Tampa, where the Tampa Woman's Club first held their organizational meetings.

Orange Blossom         


The Orange Blossom is the Tampa Woman's Club flower, along with the color orange being the club color.

Cornerstone 1971  


The foundation and cornerstone of our clubs building was completed in 1971.

Bayshore Level         

 $2,501 -$5,000

Bayshore Boulevard is the location of our club home that was built in 1971. Bayshore  Boulevard is known as the  longest continuous sidewalk in the United States at 4 1/2 miles. It runs along Tampa Bay.


$5,001 and up

The GFWC Tampa Woman's Club clubhouse sits at the beginning of the iconic Gasparilla Parade. This famous pirate festival parade takes place every year in January.